April 30, 2017

Director of Equalization

Our office will be closed  February 8th- 10th, 2017.
We will re-open on Monday, February 13th, at our NEW LOCATION:

117 5th Avenue
Belle Fourche, SD  57717

Assessment Notice of Reappraisal
(Posted May 3, 2016)

Director of Equalization
839 5th Ave.
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

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Lisa Nelson, Director of Equalization/Planning Director lisa@buttesd.org
Robin Ager, Field Appraiser robin@buttesd.org
Jill Trohkimoinen, Field Appraiser jillt@buttesd.org
Renee Ryan, Administrative Assistant renee@buttesd.org

Equalization Forms

Director of Equalization Office Policy



Local Board of Equalization:  Written appeal must be filed with the clerk of the local board on or before the Thursday preceding the third Monday in March.

County Board of Equalization:  Written appeal must be filed with the County Auditor on or before the 1st Tuesday in April.

Appeals are for the current assessment year, taxes payable the following year.

Important Note:  An appeal must be made the year the Assessment is received.  Do not wait until you receive your taxes or it will be too late.  The appeal process addresses the assessment of the property, not the taxes.

2017 Appeal Process Guide for the Property Owner

Agricultural Land Assessment

The assessment criteria, for Agricultural Land is based only upon the soil survey. This has been called a productivity assessment.  However, many people become confused by this terminology. The productivity assessment is not based on what your land is producing it refers instead to the potential productivity of the soil type you own.

Soils are given different ratings based on their ability to produce. Higher ratings are given to soils that have greater productivity potential. Higher ratings therefore have higher assessment values.