April 30, 2017


The Butte County Planning Board meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the commissioner’s room in the lower level of the courthouse.
(Meeting time is 5:00 PM October through February, and at 7:00 PM March through September.)

Planning Board members are Chairman Commissioner Stan Harms; Tom Cooper; Jim Smeenk; Meghan Foos; and Heidi Lewis.

Lisa Nelson, Planning Director lisa@buttesd.org 

839 5th Ave.
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

(605) 892-3950 Phone
(605) 892-0240 Fax

Click on the link below to download this commonly requested forms…

Building Permit Ordinance
Butte County Building Permit Application
Wastewater Disposal System Permit Application
Wastewater Disposal Ordinance
Temporary Campground Permit
Subdivision Ordinance
Subdivision Ord (Checklist) Revised March 2011

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When do I need to get a building permit?
A: If you are building or moving a structure within Butte County.

Q: When do I need a septic permit?
A: If you install, construct, modify, extend, replace, relocate or operate a wastewater treatment system in Butte County.

Q: May I install the septic system myself?
A: All septic systems must be designed and inspected by a Registered Engineer and installed by a Certified Installer.

Q: How much do permits cost?
A: Building permits cost $50 and Wastewater permits cost $10. Applications must be filled out for both permits. Please contact the Butte County Planning Office for further information.

Q: Are there any zoning ordinances or building codes in Butte County?
A: Currently, there are no zoning ordinances or building codes in Butte County, with some exceptions. Please contact the Butte County Planning Office for futher information.